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 Matthew Weinberg 

 for New York Senate 

Matthew Weinberg for New York State Senate

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Meet Matthew Weinberg

Uniting NY Senate District 38

I am committed to uniting Rockland and Westchester Counties once and for all. In Albany, my priorities will be to: fix school-aid formula to increase state funding and lower taxes, advocate for a new state-of-the-art hospital in Rockland, improve public transportation to the city to attract business investment, tax reform by pushing New York State to fully fund Medicaid instead of forcing our counties to pay for it. If elected, I will take care of all the constituents in our county, regardless of their political stripes or background. I will work on solutions that work for everyone and not just for a select few. 

Goals for New York

Fix School-Aid Formula

Build A State-Of-The-Art-Hospital

Tax Reform

No parent should be forced to send their kids to a school because of mandatory exorbitant taxes that over just a few year period will rob them of their retirement savings. In Albany, I will work to ensure that New York State fixes our school-aid formula and so that we can increase state funding and lower taxes for ALL our school districts.

In Rockland, we pay outrageous taxes and still have some mediocre hospitals. We deserve the best.

I will advocate with public officials to build a high-quality, affordable, state-of-the-art hospital to serve the healthcare needs of everyone. 

Finally, I will fight to keep our Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security strong. 

The current politicians in Albany have put caps on our already outrageous taxes, but they have not worked to fix the problem we elected them to solve in the first place:

reducing those taxes! 

People are leaving New York in droves to states with lower taxes because the status quo has destroyed the lower and middle classes. It is time to create a tax plan that works for ALL New Yorkers. 

Governor Cuomo and his allies have imposed the taxes on our counties, and we are forced to bear the brunt. When elected, I will do everything in my power to reduce our insane property tax, the state income tax, and sales tax, while improving our quality of life.  

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Matthew Weinberg for NY Senate District 38

I bring a fresh new approach to politics which is rooted in my bipartisan background interning for Democrat Representative Nita Lowey and the late Republican Senator John McCain. In addition, I am well positioned to fight for school choice, as I am the product of both the public and private schools. We need a system that allows both our public and private schools to thrive, while reducing taxes for all parties involved. 

My background enables me to mediate between the secular and religious communities, helping to bridge the gap in our counties. This is America. Everyone is welcomed here, and no person should feel left behind. 

I am unfettered by rhetoric and speak my true feelings. Being candid is the key to progress, not rhetoric. Vote for me and I will give our constituents the voice they are yearning for. 

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